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The liquid damage issue is one of the most common iPhone related issue repair along with the iPhone screen damage repair and iPhone battery damage repair. Well, this issue is one of those types that happen unprecedently and unknowingly. It doesn’t matter if your phone is under warranty or not if your seller doesn’t provide insurance for the water damage of your iPhone, then you will have to pay for the water damage repair service of your iPhone. The liquid damage in the iPhone can occur when the iPhone has been in contact with any kind of liquid like water, tea, coffee or any other form of liquid. The liquid damage issue or water damage issue repair is one of the most popular iPhone repair service provided by Apple Service Center in Kolkata. We provide water damage repair service for all the iPhone models like iPhone 6, iPhone 6s,  iPhone 7,  etc. Our iPhone water damage repair service is not very costly as we charge pretty less as compared to other Apple iPhone service centers in Kolkata or any other phone repair shop in Kolkata. We are the best iPhone service center in Kolkata as we have got certified and the best technically trained experts who are equipped with the latest tools and technology to repair your iPhone really quickly.

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