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Diagnostic services are tasks or procedures that are built into the firmware/software applications running in the embedded system with the primary purpose of providing health, status, and behavior information to the developers. Sometimes this is in the form of a message, or log entry. Sometimes this is in the form of closing a contact output or displaying an icon on the screen etc. At the Apple Store, the program they use is actually already built into the user’s phone. It shows up under Diagnostics in settings but is only there when the user is connected to the Wifi and when an expert sends a diagnostic request to the user’s serial number. There’s actually a function in their app that allows them to scan the serial number off of the user’s screen. There is a high possibility that Apple iPhone service centers will charge you a hell lot of money for this. At Apple Service Center in Kolkata, you won’t be charged as much as you might be in the official Apple service center in Kolkata. We provide diagnostic repair service for all the iPhone models at very low rates. We are the best iPhone service center in Kolkata as we have got certified and the best technically trained experts who are equipped with the latest tools and technology to repair your iPhone really quickly.

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