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"OK, it's not my Mac but my daughter's. She uses it a great deal for her business and when it crashed on her at this time of year, it was a major disaster. So I took it to ESKON Apple Service center(Kolkata). They replaced the screen professionally within 3 days. It's working fine now. I recommend them to all apple users. You will love their service. I guarantee..."
Tulika Roy
Ultadanga, Kolkata
Well, I have a XS Max with headset speaker volume issue, can’t hear the other person on a phone call. I made an appointment With ESKON (Kolkata) which gave me an appointment. I had a scheduling issue because of Sunday but they still managed to repair the device by Monday. Now I got my device and is the headset speaker is working like before. Highly recommended for any type of Apple service.
Debashish Sarkar
Girish Park, Kolkata
"I spilled a drink over my Ipad Pro during a transition to a cloud-based backup system - effectively losing decades of family memories and professional files. Not only did ESKON and the team have the brilliance to fix it, but the communication between us was as effective as I could have hoped for. This ESKON Apple service center(Kolkata) deserves their excellent reputation and reviews, the service, price, and communication were outstanding and my Ipad Pro now is in a perfect condition."
Anirban Banerjee
Tikiapara, Howrah

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Best Apple iPhone, Macbook, iPad, iMac Service Center In Kolkata

If you are in search of the best apple service center in Kolkata for your iPhoneMacBookiPad, iWatch, or iMac repair you are at the right place. The apple service center is the best place in town to get all your apple devices repaired. Apple devices like iPhones, MacBooks are very much precious for you, as they are very much expensive and we know the feeling if you find that your Apple device is not working smoothly. Don’t worry and trust us. We ensure to handle your device with care. Apple service center has a set of highly skilled and experienced engineers who are committed to provide the best service in town. They are empowered with the latest tools and technologies that help them to solve your problem quickly and efficiently. We also ensure that we provide the best quality OEM certified parts as we always want to build a strong and long-term relationship with our customers. No matter which apple devices you bring to us we ensure your problem will be solved. We offer the cheapest Apple repair service in Kolkata without compromising on quality. Though we are not an authorized service center near you but we make sure that you don’t have to any other servicing shop as we provide the best apple repair service cost if compared to any authorized apple service center in Kolkata or iPhone repair service center in Kolkata.

We offer variety of different services for apple devices like iPhone or MacBook. Below we are going to discuss the different services that we offer for both iPhone and MacBook.

iPhone Repair Services

We have solutions for all the problems that your iPhone may face for example Wifi Is Not Getting Connected, Cellular Connection Not Working on iPhone, iPhone is Stuck at Apple Logo, iPhone App Freezing/Crashing Randomly, Screen Is Cracked, iPhone Data Lost, iPhone Camera is not working, iPhone Rapid Battery Drain, iPhone water damage, iPhone not getting charged, iPhone touchscreen is not working, iPhone Bluetooth issue, iPhone stuck Volume button and more. The solutions that we offer for this sort of issue are as follows.

iPhone Battery Replacement In Kolkata

The iPhone Battery problem is another common issue that people face when their phone’s battery cannot last for long. Apple provides Lithium-ion batteries to all of its iPhones to make sure you get enough life out of them but battery lifespan is still one of the biggest issues an iPhone user faces. There are certain signs that indicate your iPhone’s battery is running out of life and needs a replacement. For starters, if you find the battery is draining out quickly or see its capacity decreasing steadily, Then it’s the right time for iPhone battery replacement. Apple service center is the best place for iPhone battery replacement or any other iPhone repairing services in Kolkata.

iPhone Back Housing Replacement In Kolkata

The iPhone bending problem has prompted many people to ask for solutions to prevent such issues from happening again. This problem is faced by most iPhone users. It is actually the back housing or the back panel issue in an iPhone. In most cases, this seems to happen when the phone is in a back pocket and pressure is applied due to sitting down or If your phone falls from a high surface. The models that are more prone include iPhone 6, iPhone 6s plus as well as older ones such as 5S. Apple service center is the place you can get the best and cheap iPhone back housing replacement service.

iPhone Camera Replacement In Kolkata

If your iPhone camera is broken, it cannot be repaired or fixed. You need to replace it. As you know Camera is the most delicate part of a phone as it has glass covering the lens and that can be broken quite easily once it falls off accidentally. Therefore you need an iPhone camera replacement for fixing the damaged front camera or back camera. Apple service center is the best place to get the best iPhone camera replacement in Kolkata. We provide a camera replacement service for all the iPhones at the best price.

iPhone Charging Port Replacement In Kolkata

The mentioned problems might arise if there is charging port damage in your iPhone. There can be many reasons for damaged iPhone charging ports. Some of them are corrosion, dust, and debris, Mishandling, etc. Well, this can be solved easily. Apple service center is the best place in Kolkata to get your iPhone charging port replacement.

iPhone Diagnostic Repair Service In Kolkata

At Apple Service Center in Kolkata, you won’t be charged as much as you might be in the official Apple service center in Kolkata. We provide the best diagnostic repair service for all iPhone models at very low rates. We are the best iPhone service center in Kolkata to offer the best iPhone diagnostic services. We have got certified and the best technically trained experts who are equipped with the latest tools and technology to repair your iPhone really quickly.

iPhone Earpiece Repair And Replacement In Kolkata

if you too are having an issue with the earpiece of your iPhone then you can reach out to Apple Service Center in Kolkata for getting the iPhone earpiece replacement near you. We provide the best iPhone earpiece repair service in Kolkata. We have certified and highly skilled technicians with more than 10 years of experience and can resolve your iPhone issue easily.

iPhone Liquid Damage Repair In Kolkata

The liquid damage in the iPhone can be caused by anything that’s wet or otherwise contains water. This includes things like spilled coffee and tea as well other drinks with similar properties. Liquid damage or water damage issue repair is one of the most popular iPhone repair services provided by Apple Service Center in Kolkata. We are the best iPhone service center in Kolkata to offer the best iPhone liquid damage repair services.

iPhone Screen Replacement In Kolkata

As you know the screen of an iPhone is the most sensitive and vital part of the phone. If your iPhone falls off from a high surface accidentally there is a high chance of your iPhone screen getting cracked. It may also break for some other reasons like applying more pressure on your phone, mishandling, etc. Apple service center offers the best iPhone screen replacement.

iPhone Software Issue Repair In Kolkata

The Apple Service Center is the best place in town for you to get the best iPhone software issues Repaired in Kolkata. We provide an iPhone Software Issue fix for all the iPhone models. The iPhone software issue repair cost that we charge is also very much affordable when you compare with others providing similar service. We are the best iPhone service center in Kolkata as we have got certified and the best-trained engineers who are equipped with the latest tools and technology to handle your iPhone software issue repair really quickly and efficiently.

iPhone Speaker Replacement In Kolkata

All the mobile phones including iPhones come equipped with inbuilt speakers that let us hear audio from our phones. The speakers just like any other component of a phone can be damaged. Similarly, an iPhone’s speaker can also get damaged and from our research, we have found that the iPhone Speaker Repair is again one of the common problems people face in an iPhone. At Apple Service Center in Kolkata, we provide speaker replacement service for all iPhone models.

iPhone Volume Button Repair In Kolkata

The volume button not working in an iPhone is another major problem faced by many iPhone users. When the volume buttons in an iPhone stop working or do not function as usual as it usually does then there is an issue with your iPhone’s volume button. You won’t be able to increase or decrease the sound of your iPhone while playing music or listening to an audio file. Not being able to use the volume rocker fully functionally is a problem that needs to be solved and you can get it solved by getting it repaired from Apple Service Center in Kolkata. We are the best iPhone Service center in Kolkata.

MacBook Repair Services

We also provide solutions for all types of MacBook problems like Mac Hard Drive Errors, macOS Performance Issues, Logic Board Issues, Data Emptied from Trash Accidentally, MacBook Pro/Air Battery issues, etc. Some of the solutions are as follows

MacBook Battery Replacement In Kolkata

You won’t like to use your MacBook plugged in all time as you cannot carry it around as it will work without the battery it will feel like a desktop. So without any further delay, if you notice that your battery is draining out frequently or your MacBook is not getting on without plugging it in you must get a MacBook battery replacement done from the best apple service center in Kolkata. We provide the Best MacBook battery replacement service in Kolkata.

MacBook Body Repair In Kolkata

The body of the MacBook is probably one of the most important components of any device. Your MacBook can get completely dead or unusable if its body gets damaged. The reason behind the body of the MacBook’s being so important is that it covers the entire system and doesn’t let the motherboard or the RAM get exposed. The Apple Service Center in Kolkata will be always at your service if you need the best MacBook Body repair service anywhere in Kolkata.

MacBook Hinge Replacement In Kolkata

The hinges of the MacBooks are as important as the body of the MacBooks. These works as a stabilizer of the Macs which keeps the screen and the body i.e., the CPU including the keyboard together and intact. The hinge of the MacBook makes sure that the screens stay intact without shaking or moving. It allows easy opening and closing of the MacBooks. These are some of the most delicate parts of the Apple MacBook. We offer the best MacBook Hinge Replacement cost in Kolkata.

MacBook Keyboard Replacement In Kolkata

There are times when the keypad of your MacBook Air or the touchpad of your MacBook Pro doesn’t function properly. Well, this is because your Apple MacBook might have an issue with the keyboard, or maybe your Apple laptop’s keypad has become difunctional. The Apple Service Center in Kolkata is the place for you to get the best Apple laptops services. We will replace the keyboard of your Mac and fully make your laptop functional once again.

MacBook Liquid Damage Repair In Kolkata

If you are facing this issue, then you can reach out to a MacBook repair service center and get the MacBook water damage repair service from them. At Apple Service center in Kolkata, we provide the best MacBook Liquid damage repair service at an affordable price.

MacBook Motherboard Repair In Kolkata

Sometimes you will find your MacBook getting overheated even though you are using a cooling pad to keep your MacBook cool. This can be due to your MacBook not being able to take the load of your usage. The overheating and the freezing of your Apple laptop can cause the Motherboard or the logic board or the circuit board of your MacBook to get damaged. At Apple Service center in Kolkata, you can come with any MacBook model, we provide the best MacBook Motherboard Repair Service.

MacBook RAM Replacement In Kolkata

Similar to any desktop, or laptop also the MacBook also comes with RAM pre-installed in it. However, there are times when you might face problems like a site crash, application or software freeze, reboots, and blue screens in the MacBook. This is certainly because there is an issue with your RAM. Low-quality RAM chips or faulty memory slots, all can be possible reasons for the RAM to be damaged. Using a damaged RAM may result in the failure of the logic board. The Apple Service center in Kolkata provides the best MacBook RAM replacement service in Kolkata.

MacBook Screen Replacement In Kolkata

The screen damage issue in MacBook is the most common issue faced by Apple MacBook users. The hardware failure in the MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air can cause the screen to flicker. The screen damage in the MacBook can lead to a black screen or the screen may blackout. This can occur when your Apple laptop will either fall from a higher surface to any rough and hard surface or if the screen is flexed past beyond its breaking point. Well if this is the case then you should get your MacBook’s screen replaced. At Apple Service Center in Kolkata, we provide the best MacBook screen replacement service. Our MacBook screen replacement service.

MacBook Virus Removal Service In Kolkata

You can get that at the Apple Service center in Kolkata if you are looking for a MacBook virus cleaning service in Kolkata. We provide virus removal service for all the MacBook models and that too at very low prices compared to other service centers. We are the best MacBook repair service center in Kolkata.

Get Quality Apple Repair Service Anywhere In Kolkata And Howrah.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Apple doesn’t manufacture or sell its parts in the market. For example, The OLED screen of your iPhone is manufactured by Samsung which also makes screens for many other brands. That’s why we don’t claim to install “Apple Original” iPhone spare parts officially. We offer quality workmanship and a warranty with the repair. We strictly use premium quality spare parts or original used parts that have been removed from other iPhones, so you can feel confident about getting your device fixed at our store.

It varies based on the device issue. For simpler repairs such as screen replacements or battery changes, it won’t take more than a couple of hours, but for more complicated jobs like chip level repair and motherboard replacement it may require up to one week of time. We recommend getting your iPhone checked by professionals who can handle all aspects of its diagnosis and provide an accurate estimate within a day.

Yes, we do provide a warranty in some cases. Warranty on replacements parts are subject to a declaration of the manufacturer company provides warranty on selected iPhone repair job. Given warranty may get void under certain terms and conditions.

No, we don’t charge anything extra for doorstep repairing service or pick up and drop services.

We offer multiple payment options including UPI, Google pay, PhonePe, BHIM, Paytm, Card and Cash.

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